Welcome. From teens to adults, from depression to managing adult ADHD, I provide psychotherapy for people who are looking for hope and healing. My office is in the Maple Leaf neighborhood of Seattle, just north of Green Lake.

I work collaboratively with clients and believe there is great personal strength in every client that comes in for therapy.  Our pain is there for a purpose, but it doesn't have to take us down. You can heal from you hurt and overcome the circumstance. You are stronger than you think, and therapy can give you the support you need to know it and start living it.

People often see me for these concerns:

  •     Stress, anxiety, panic attacks
  •     Depression, sadness, lack of energy, feeling lethargic
  •     Dating fears or frustrations
  •     Adult ADHD
  •     Social problems
  •     Career doubts, workplace issues
  •     Uncertainty about how to move forward in life
  •     Low self-esteem or self-worth

There is no escaping difficulty in this life, but counseling can help you overcome and grow from your past hurt as well as give you the ability to face it with strength in the future.  

I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation. So, feel free to give me a call. Get to know me, ask questions, and from there we can decide if we're a good fit working together.