Common Issues

Many of the clients I meet with are strong and capable but have hit a bump in the road for which they need support. Sometimes this is a small issue requiring a few sessions, other times clients find they benefit from longer term therapy to gain clarity and confidence. 

People come for a wide variety of reasons. These range from relief of stress or unrealized potential all the way to healing from major trauma or coping with a significant loss. 

 I often help with:

  • post-partum depression and/or anxiety for the mom or the couple
  • healing from abuse of power within the church
  • living with depression and not letting it take over
  • healing after a long-term break-up
  • learning coping skills for handling adult ADHD
  • finding a healthy work-life balance
  • struggling with negative body image
  • difficulties in relationships with friends, family or a significant other
  • transitions: relocation, marriage, and regrets of decisions

Our work together is centered on relieving the inner pain and frustration you are feeling. Secondarily, we help you understand how the struggle developed in the first place so you are prepared to handle similar situations and feelings in the future. Our ultimate goal is not only a healing of the original problem, but cultivating a fullness and peace of character and personal self-worth.



Finding an adolescent specialist in Seattle can be quite challenging even though adolescence is one of the most trying times in life for both parents and teens.  I have worked with clients from many of the area highschools, including: Issaquah, Skyline, Eastlake, Woodinville, Cedar Park Christian, Bellevue Christian.

I frequently help teens sort through the common perils of adolescence. Often teens act without realizing the repercussions of their actions, and knowing how to help your teen can be difficult. First and foremost, it is  a difficult time of life, so don't blame yourself. Much of what is happening is biological; your parental love, even in the rocky points, is so vital for your teen. 

Teens often need help with:  

  •     Depression
  •     Stress and anxiety
  •     Low self-esteem
  •     Academic performance
  •     Social challenges with friends
  •     Body image, disordered eating, change in weight
  •     Controlling emotional outbursts
  •     Transitions: family move, changing schools or going to college
  •     Family change: divorce, remarriage, blended families



Oftentimes, teens simply need an empathic, non-biased person to help them work through the chellenges they face.  My counseling process combines traditional talk therapy with theraputic games and art projects that will provide relief and develop positive changes for your teen.  My job is to heal any old wounds that have lead to their current behavior and to cultivate a foundation of healthy decision making in the teen for the future. 
Usually I meet with the teenager individually. However, if it is deemed helpful, parents are brought into the sessions on occasion to promote healthy family functioning and increased communication between parent and child. I see parents as allies, so I always want to hear their perspective on their child’s history, current situation, and what they view as goals for their teen in the counseling process.